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Jae Eui Lee, jeonnam nano bio research center director

The Nanobio Research Center

Our research center includes the Nano Bio Research Center, located in Jangseong-gun Jeonnam, and also the Biological 
                Control Center, located in Gokseong-gun Jeonnam.

The Nano Bio Research Center looks to create higher value-added natural 
                    materials by technological research and clustering of related nano and 
                    The Biological Control Center looks to create new pest-control farming
                    materials by using natural enemies, microorganisms, and plant extracts. 
                    The center will also work to achieve the clustering of related enterprises to 
                    provide a foundation for environment-friendly agriculture.
                    By establishing the two centers, the ultimate goal is to take the 
                    traditional agricultural industry of the Jeonnam region to another level. 
                    We invite all entrepreneurs who are seeking the chance to produce higher 
                    value-added products by utilizing the abundant natural resources of